Day 3 – Library & Lab

Today I was supposed to be going to Wales with Andy to collect some autosamples from a lake. I had been advised to bring wellies and suitable clothing to cover up from a promised mosquito attack. Rather than attempt to be in Buxton for 7am (possible with a bus but requiring a 4am start) Andy kindly offered to collect me from the MacDonalds near Stockport station.

I travelled to Stockport via Piccadilly passing the Vimto statue as has become a morning commute landmark…


At MacDonalds I got a call from Andy. They couldn’t get to Stockport due to an incident on the motorway so I headed back to the station to head into the office instead. The anouncement board at Stockport listed my train as being on platform 0. I now know this does not mean it is yet to be allocated a platform, there is actually a platform 0. I felt like Harry Potter when I checked this with a member of staff.

Wales would have been interesting but this turn of events has meant I was in the office with time on my hands on a day when Christine the librarian is in. I asked if she had time to give me an introduction. First we went through the electronic library at my excellent vintage desk…


This blew my mind. Christine has invested so much work in it that she is part library, in sync with the various files and folders. The electronic library is vast and well organised. I’m presently somewhat overwhelmed by it but with practice I think I’ll get the hang of it. Next I was introduced to the physical library which is a fantastic looking room with bay windows at one end and three walls hidden by floor to ceiling shelves of books, files and journals. In amongst these are various cabinets from various decades all adding to the aesthetic. It’s the brain of the building.


On my way back to my desk to practice my new found library skills I bumped into Helen from day 1 who said I could help out in the lab again in the afternoon. So all in all, what began as a disappointing day became a productive one.


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